Nada means sound in sanskrit and Mau because of...

In 2013 he felt in a special love with Psytrance. This language of vibration was saying: "keep on going…." Full power trance meditation. He found space to freak out. After two years of trance meditation at many parties he came in contact with the artist "Tiefenrausch" and so Mau get addicted to mixing. Sound sound sound.

In 2015 he had his first offical gig at the Masters of Puppets Festival in Hungary playing dark progressive sound. Soon more gigs followed in Upper Austria playing Psychedelic sound. 2017 he started exploring the world of Darkpsy and Hi-Tech. So in his sets you will find different genres. Nada Mau is very sensible for the audience at the partys, trying to find the most pushing vibe for everyone and sometimes he just follow his vibe.